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The home to see who is trusted on the ROBLOX platform!

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RBX Trust is a global scammer and trusted list for ROBLOX. Our aim is to be the main "go to" website when a user wants to find out any past history about another user when trading.

The idea of RBX Trust originally started near the end of 2019, which the basic concept of the website was made then. In Feburary 2020, a revamp was done to the website to make it optimised and much cleaner with a material dark feeling to it! We hope to bring a good future to this website, if you would like to know more, perhaps you would like to read our FAQ below!

Frequently Asked Questions

A user has 100% trust score, are they trusted?

This website is purely to expose any negative or positive feedback about a ROBLOX user in the trading area, do not rely on their trust score when trading, read the history beyond the user. Any user can scam, even the most trusted ones. Take caution when trading!

I sent a report on a profile, why hasn't it appeared under feedback?

A report is sent to the RBX Trust admins to be manually reviewed which takes time. They will later appear on the users profile if the evidence you submitted checks out. If the evidence is invalid, nothing will happen. We have no way to contact you for more context or information since you cannot be identified from the report form.

My profile has false feedback added to it... How do I remove it?

RBX Trust admins are encouraged to ensure evidence is solid, so it most likely isn't false. Although some admins make mistakes, so if you feel you're a victim to a mistake, join the Discord and let us know and we will review your case!

Do you have any future plans with this project?

Yes! We are working on a Discord Bot for RBX Trust which is a ROBLOX verification bot and will have a few additional features. We are also going to be working on an API for RBX Trust to allow implementation into other websites!